• 历史 古装
  • 安圣基 李美淑 南宫远 金鎭雅
  • 110分钟
  • In this dark and sexy South Korean tragedy, Direct… In this dark and sexy South Korean tragedy, Director Lee Doo Yong intertwines numerous lives from a 16th century palace to illustrate power-hungry people trapped by cruel, defunct laws. When a puppet emperor seizes power to satisfy his sexual desires, a beautiful servant girl finds herself elevated to the rank of first concubine. Unwilling at first, she savors her newfound status and ambitiously seeks to rise higher. Meanwhile, as the emperor's commands grow perverse and harsh, a young concubine and her noble lover attempt to flee. But not only must they face the concubine's ruthless and power-hungry father, they must also deal with the armed palace guards. Behind the brilliant robes, idyllic scenery and tranquil music, palace officials scheme and servants grovel to make the best of unyielding social laws. Eunuch paints a political and bloody image of a feudal South Korean palace characterized by powerless lives and deaths. Festivals: Toronto Film Festival 1987.




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